The Walking Dead episode 6 and 7 spoilers leaked online

AMC’s hit Zombie show The Walking Dead might have started on a slow burn, but it seems like things are about to pick up now and shit is about to hit the fan.

Below are detailed spoilers for episodes 6 and 7, which where posted online by a (disgruntled?)  ex-employee who was familiar with the show.

NOTE: There is absolutely nothing to confirm that these spoilers are legitimate. I got these from Tumblr. It might all just turn out to be fan fiction and Photoshop so take this with a huge grain of salt.

UPDATE: After watching Episode 6, its pretty much confirmed that these spoilers are dead accurate, but still, have your grain of salt ready for Episode 7.



Episode opens with Patricia feeding the trapped walkers with live chickens.

Maggie has convinced Glenn to keep the presence of the walkers a secret. However, he eventually spills the beans to Dale, also revealing Lori’s pregnancy in the process. Dale confronts Hershel in private, who somehow manages to persuade Dale to keep the secret as well, since he’s convinced the walkers in the barn (including his wife and stepson) are merely sick and can be cured.

Andrea apologizes to Daryl for shooting him. And that’s all we see of Daryl this week.

Shane instructs the women and Carl in the shooting range. He privately tutors Andrea, but manages to piss her off by mentioning Amy. Shane apologizes and they go off searching for Sohpia in a nearby housing development. No Sophia, but lots of walkers. Andrea and Shane blow away several walkers before getting to their car. On the drive back, they have some near-death-experience sex. When they arrive back at the farm, Dale realizes that something happened between them and tells Shane to stay away from Andrea. Shane responds with a not-so-veiled threat to kill Dale, after he promises to reveal that Shane considered shooting Rick (in the first season).

Lori discovers that Herhsel wants the group to leave and berates Rick for keeping it a secret. She sends Glenn back to the pharmacy for another trip and Maggie accompanies him. They’re attacked by a walker, which Glenn kills, earning some big points with Maggie in the process. Glenn brings back abortion pills for Tori, who takes some but then immediately throws them back up. Meanwhile, Rick finds the bottle of pills and confronts Lori, who admits she’s pregnant. Cue dramatic conversation about bringing a baby into a zombie-infested world. She also reveals that she and Shane used to bump uglies. Rick’s reaction: “Meh, I always kind of figured.”

Episode 7

“Pretty Much Dead Already”

Episode opens with Glenn revealing the presence of the walkers to the rest of the group, who promptly proceed to freak out. Maggie becomes angry with Glenn for not keeping the secret and ruins his hat in retribution. Dale gives Glenn his trademark bucket hat as a replacement. Maggie later makes a plea to Hershel for the group to stay. She and Glenn also have an argument about the walkers, after which they eventually admit their feelings, kiss and make up.

Rick and Hershel argue, with Hershel demanding the group leave within a week. Rick uses the my-wife-is-pregnant card, but Hershel’s not persuaded. Shane also wants the group to get the hell out of there because of the walkers in the barn, but Rick uses the same excuse to cool him down. However, Shane then becomes convinced that Lori’s baby is his.

Dale takes off with Shane’s guns to hide them in the swamp. Shane tracks him down and demands he give the guns back. Dale points his rifle at him and threatens to shoot. However, he backs down at the last moment, since he has no wish to become like Shane: he reveals that he knows Shane shot Otis and lied about what really happened. Shane heads back to the farm with the guns.

Hershel has Rick help him and Jimmy try to fish some walkers out of a nearby pit of quicksand and lead them into the barn with snare poles. He says the group can stay on the farm if they agree not to kill the walkers. They arrive at the farm about the same time Shane emerges from the swamp and hands out guns to other members of the group…

Shane sees the snared walkers and goes berserk. He yells at Rick and Hershel as they guide the walkers towards the barn, with the rest of the group and people in the farm looking on. He pulls his sidearm and unloads it in the chest of one of the walkers, demanding to know “Could someone who’s alive just take that? Why is it still coming?” Hershel has no answer.

He finishes off the walker with a headshot, grabs a nearby pickaxe and breaks open the barn door. Walkers pour out, T-Dog, Daryl, Shane, Glenn, and Andrea form a line and open fire. Once the dust clears, one more walker emerges. Sophia. Rick finally steps up next to the others, pulls his six-shooter and kills Sophia with a shot to the head. End episode.

Proof of Spoilers – 


After episode 7 the show will be taking a Winter break and will return in February. Until then, look forward to these upcoming episodes on AMC. The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9pm.

And once again, keep in mind that these spoilers might be fake. There is nothing to explicitly confirm them

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22 responses to “The Walking Dead episode 6 and 7 spoilers leaked online”

  1. Grick Rhymes says :

    Would you mind sharing the reference material for how you come to know all this? Or is it just a prediction?

    • detanfy says :

      These spoilers are pretty much all over the internet. I came across it on a now 404’ed thread on 4chan after initially discovering it on Tumblr.
      I didn’t want to post these spoilers for fear of getting some sort legal action from the studio, but I figured most people already know it by the time I published this.
      Keep in mind, I’m not sure if these spoilers are true. We’ll find out after tonight’s episode
      I’ll look for the link where I saw the spoilers again.

      • John says :

        This shit is true!!! I just watched tonights show and it was dead with what was posted here. Im really surpised it was leaked like this. I have no doubt..What you wrote about epi. 7 will happen and the pictures are 100% accurate. I wonder who from AMC leaked this.

  2. You guys are gullible says :

    You guys are the most gullible schmucks I’ve ever come across.

  3. vickizdmanGreg says :

    the spoilers made some sense until the ending. rick helps herschel snare some walkers to put in the barn unharmed, but then he shoots sophia in the head just like that? his character has much more compassion than that. he couldn’t even shoot the “bike girl” in the head before talking to her and feeling remorse for her situation. he’s going to kill a walker he knew in real life? i don’t think so.

    • detanfy says :

      We’ll find out on Sunday, I suppose

    • Hannah says :

      You must not have read the comics. The Rick from the comics is a cold hearted insane motherfucker. He’ll kill still-living people with little reason… But I do hope the summary from the last episode and the photo are fake, because Sophia isn’t supposed to die yet… I wouldn’t be surprised if the spoilers are true… But I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t, either. Maybe this is a trick so we’ll be surprised at whatever actually does happen… I’m assuming it’s true, since episode 6 was indeed summarized accurately… We’ll just have to wait and see…

    • André Lapa says :

      What your saying make sense, but Rick was tired of looking for Sophia, so he was just going to be really disappointed for finding her in the barn as a walker… Right?

    • Rasta Ron says :

      He shot a little zombie girl right in the head without flinching in the first 5 minutes of this entire series….

  4. xom says :

    Maybe the thing he does, TYhat he has never done before is hug sophia after he caps her.

  5. momo says :

    Holy shit. According to wiki the pilot leaked 2 weeks before it premiered so I guess this kind of leak doesn’t seem that impossible. Also seems to jive with the promos and sneak peek. Plus, zombie Sophia looks pretty damn real. Seriously though, if true, Hershel and his crew are dicks for not mentioning that they had a little zombie girl in their barn that could possibly be Sophia. Members of Rick’s gang could’ve been killed while searching for her. Daryl nearly died. Shame.

  6. You guys are gullible says :

    No, really, y’all are seriously gullible….

    Maggie ruins Glenn’s hat in retribution for spilling her secret and Dale gives him a bucket hat as a replacement, what are they, 11?

    • You guys are gullible says :

      and really, no mention in this “spoiler” the points between Carol and Daryl in the promo spot we’ve already seen?

  7. buckqjohnson says :

    The reason why rick shot the little girls after helping Hershel is because he in that minute snapped into Shanes thinking. He felt bad in the beginning that they couldn’t find her and then seeing her not dead (which would have been better in my opinion) but turned into a zombie means that she succumbed to the walking death that is all around them. How do you go back to her mother (who isn’t one of the shooters) and tell her that not only did they find her daughter but she was one of the zombies in the barn all this time. The mother would have a nervous break down.

    • redgiant says :

      Well Rick capped the little girl on the very opening of Season1, right?

      This EP 7 summary is exactly correct.

      It’s not the slowness of these first 7 EPs in and of themelves that is annoying, it’s more the feeling that the only reason for many of the plot contrivances and inconsistently broken “zombie rules” are driven by budget and not just by whatever they want to do to tell the story.

      Some idle things I wonder about:

      Killing a zombie’s brain
      The CDC guy established that zombie’s come back with only brain activity in the base cortex – the rest of the brain is utterly dead and devoid of activity. So why is damaging the head (other than the base cortex) any more incapacitating than, say, shooting it in the arm or chest?

      Now, decapitation or sever trauma to the brain stem (probably from the back of the neck) would be understandable, but damage simply by shooting one inthe forehead (gun or arrow) has nothing to do with the small brain stem area that is what activates a zombie.

      We’ve seen inventive head shots that appear to put down zombies, but almost all are not remotely near the brain stem area – like when Daryl puts an arrow in the second zombie when he’s coming out of his injured daze. That arrow goes into the forehead and angles up out of the top front of the skull. This is a wound that real life people with a functoning brain have even survived.

      And it kills the zombie?

      Silence vs. firing guns
      The only reason we are even on the farm, and Sophia got lost, is Zombie Rule #1 – don’t fire a gun or make noise to draw their attention. You all agree right? They were hiding under cars silently, and Rick wouldn’t use his gun which was the entire premise as to why Sophia got lost.

      Then why are they all on the farm property firing guns like it’s Gettysburg – a farm mind you that cannot move elsewhere – breaking the rule that caused this entire half season arc?

      It’s more than a bit ridiculous that they don’t immediately think they should drive 10-15 miles away, to the other side of town if they really need gun practice like that. And no one even mentions that “Hey, wouldn’t it be better not to make noise here because, ya know, that’s why we are even on this farm and Sophia is missing”.

      Ignoring the barn
      The barn is right in front of them, about 100-150 feet from the house. You can see it constantly in all the outdoor shots. And in all the days they have been there, not one of Rick’s crew has either (a) ventured to the barn for any reason, and (b) not been asked/told *not* to go near the barn specifically by Herschel (which of course would make someone investigate it)? Plus, did you hear the racket feeding the zombies made? Chickens screaming, zombies moaning and roaring, which no one hears.

      How plausible is that?

      • Rasta Ron says :

        Wow…. all excellent points. Very well articulated.

        I was thinking about the whole brain stem thing, too. If it’s only the stem that is controlling the activity, then you would need to dig deep and hit THAT puppy in order to kill them.

  8. L Lawliet says :

    The rainbow on Sophia’s shirt in the first picture looks different from the one in the second picture. If it’s real, wardrobe mistake. If it’s fake, shopped or something. Leaning to fake.

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